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1428 23rd Street, Galveston - Porch and Facade Reconstruction Project

Front facade at purchase in 2003. Front facade in July, 2006.
This Spanish Colonial triplex is located at 2223 N Street at 23rd Street - seven short blocks off the seawall and 12 blocks from the Strand. The units are leased to year-round tenants.

Originally constructed around 1910, the house had a two-story porch facing 23rd Street, as shown in the xerox copy of a photo from 1927. In the 1950s the porch was removed, along with the front door and a double set of windows on either side of the door, and a one-story commercial storefront was constructed. This space was originally built as a small grocery store and meat market but was later renovated into office space. It was vacated about 1997 and left to deteriorate when the roof developed numerous leaks over time.

Silver Street Properties purchased the building in 2003 and began planning for the reconstruction of the front porch. Demolition of the store front took place in 2004. Construction on the porch began in 2005. The project is nearing completion, with just a little bit of stucco work and painting left to do. Portions of the concrete slab in front of the porch will be removed to allow for landscaping across the front facade. A compatibly designed stucco fence with wrought iron gate was added to create a private courtyard on the north side of the building.

Six photos from the demolition project in April, 2004. The concrete slab foundation was left in place to serve as a base for the porch reconstruction.
February, 2005 - With the excess stucco removed from the front of the building its easy to tell where the original door and windows were. That's David and Mark swearing at a nail gun.
March, 2005 - Framing got underway. Its finally starting to look like we're accomplishing something.
Photos from May, 2005. The sheathing is up and the 2nd floor decking surface/roof is being installed. The left side of the stairway sidewall has not yet been capped. We put a time capsule inside before covering the cavity with concrete.
Photos from August, 2005. The beaded board ceiling is in and the stucco is starting to go up.
Two views of the porch as of January, 2006
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